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Waseskun Healing Center, incorporated in 1988, is a non-profit Aboriginal organization affiliated with Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) and Correctional Service of Quebec (CSQ), whose goal is to facilitate the holistic healing of Aboriginal offenders in order to foster their successful re-entry into their families, communities and nations.

We realize that “healing” is a multi-faceted and complex process and Waseskun’s overall aim is to empower residents to accept responsibility for their own actions and understand the consequences they have created for themselves, their victims, families and communities.

Our Waseya Holistic Healing Program uses a variety of methods aimed at producing changes in negative lifestyle patterns and enhancing residents’ self-esteem and self-concept as an Aboriginal person. This healing process encourages and empowers residents to regain their cultural identity, reconnect with traditional values, learn to lead healthy lifestyles and develop new skills and tools to help them reach their full potential.



Waseya, a Cree word that means “Light of the Spirit”, is the umbrella for most Waseskun programs.


At Waseskun we offer several types of educational programming, including literacy and language training,


Waseskun, in conjunction with Mizheekay, offers the Employment Skills Program to our residents to help empower

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