Application Process

To apply to Waseskun you need to fill out an application form and write a letter of intention explaining why you want to come to Waseskun and which issues you want/need to work on for your healing. If you are in a Federal Institution, you need the support of your Parole Officer (PO), so please ensure that you work closely with your PO in the preparation of your application and letter. As well, ask your PO for a Consent for Disclosure of Personal Information form, sign it and ask them to send it to us. To complete the process, your PO will have to request a Community Assessment (CA) or Community Strategy (CS), depending on your status. It is also advisable to have a good relationship with the ALO and Elder of your Institution and to participate in the programs they offer.

If you are in a Provincial Institution, you also need to complete an application form and write a letter of intention outlining the issues you want/need to work on for your healing.  You should work closely with your Probation Officer in the preparation of these documents, as well as for signing and sending an Autorisation de divulgation de renseignements personels form to us.

Community referrals require filling out an application form and letter of intention as well, and also require secured funding for your stay at Waseskun from community resources or other governmental programs.

Application forms can be picked up from your Parole Officer/Probation Officer, or call Waseskun’s Liaison Officers at (450) 883-‐2034 ext. 224, and/or ext. 228, to have one sent to you.

All applications are subject to meeting the requirements of your Institution and acceptance by Waseskun

Exclusion Criteria.

Waseskun will refuse an offender’s application who:  

     a) Has not yet completed his detoxification period; 

     b) Requires constant psychiatric care; 

     c) Requires constant medical or palliative care (e.g. dialysis, chemotherapy); 

     d) Is on Methadone or Suboxone; 

     e) Has a long term supervision order; 

     f) Is linked to organized crime or gangs; g) Poses an unmanageable risk to the community.

Waseskun’s Exclusion Criteria are a guide to ensuring that the men we accept are motivated and serious about their healing path.  We base our decisions on information provided in the applicant’s ossier; by Probation and Parole Officers, Elders, and other Correctional Service personnel; the letter of intention we receive from applicants; and on the sincerity expressed by the applicant during our conference call with him.

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